SSP (Super Slippery Peel) Technology

    String-Kong Technology ssp

    SSP is a new String-Kong® co-poly monofilament technology consisting of a special slippery coating of three different additives (one of them 100% biological) mixed together for increased string movement and reduced friction during both stringing and play.
    As a result, there is a greater snap-back effect, which is one of the most important elements for spin, while also optimizing comfort and forgiveness and producing a loud and distinct sound at impact.

    Banana Bite New String

    BRE (Banana Rounded Edges) Technology

    String-Kong Technology BRE

    BRE is a pentagonal mold technology proprietary to String-Kong®. The main goal of this manufacturing process is to give the next-gen co-poly edges an exclusive rounded shape (like an unpeeled banana!). Normally a conventional co-poly with sharp edges gives good “bite” on the ball, but in many cases makes the stringbed more “nervous,” not so uniform, with less comfort and a smaller sweet spot. Additionally, the sharp edges increase the friction between the strings and speed up the performance decay, reducing durability. BRE is designed to further enhance all the SSP benefits, but it also increases the sweet spot, gives a much more uniform response across the string bed, reduces wear of the edges during play, keeps maximum spin potential longer than a conventional “shaped” string, and gives a softer feeling at impact.

    Spin Potential Decay Chart

    String-Kong Banana Bite grafico prestazioni spin

    The chart shows the spin performance decay of the String-Kong Banana Bite compared to a Conventional Sharp Edges Co-Poly. The Banana Bite has an initial peak slighlty lower than the CSECP, but it keeps the performace much longer and more uniformly.

    RAW Technology

    Orango Raw Tech

    The Raw Technology is a production process used by String-Kong® to retain the natural characteristics of the raw materials during production, reducing additives and regulating the extrusion and cooling of the string at the optimal temperature and time, to avoid any stress to the filament, keeping it sot and resilient, exceptionally easy to string, but without losing any power or topspin/backspin capability.

    String-Kong Orango Raw Promo