STRING-KONG is a brand with a main goal: to promote high-quality products and doing it with a lot of irony, a mocking tone and a flashy look. Although it is an emerging reality in the tennis world, STRING-KONG can lay claim to a remarkable staff with decades of experience in very different areas of sport; professionals with a profound knowledge in materials science and, most of all, each and every one of them being an expert in… making fun of everything!
    As you may have noticed, the core-business of STRING-KONG lies in its tennis strings, but of course we cannot forget all the accessories and apparel, because they play a key role in the promotion and consolidation of a business activity.
    Another peculiar feature of STRING-KONG is its very strict sale policy. In fact certain products may be purchased only under specific conditions and if particular requirements are met.
    In today’s fast moving world with its fast moving lifestyles, surrended by too serius people with strong convictions, if you feel the need to be able to escape into an oasi where a game is treated for what it is, you’re in the right place 🙂